Alicante Bouschet

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In December of 2012, this wine was voted best wine at the Houston Rodeo Wine Contest.  The vine, which is made from a cross between Grenache and Petite Alicante grapes, is only one of three types in the world that actually have red flesh.  It is normally used by wineries for blending and coloring purposes for other popular red wines. 

However, partially motivated by the heritage left him from his grandfather, John Monnich decided five years ago, to make a wine from this grape, a very unusual move in the wine industry.

Where many other winemakers did not believe that this grape would yield such a highly valued wine, Monnich did and set out to accomplish something no one expected.

Harvesting the fruit at full maturity and allowing it to age in the wood barrels for 49 months, Monnich achieved a very special wine which has now been established by the multiple awards it has already won.